Atlanta Fashion Series VIII

Model: Julia Marie of Shop Julia Marie

Earlier this year, Julia launched her new self-titled fashion blog, Julia Marie. With almost 20 years in the fashion and retail industry, she has a wealth of knowledge that she shares on her blog and social media. One of the goals of her blog is to take that knowledge, and help you to build the perfect wardrobe.

TR: Are you originally from Atlanta? If not, where are you from?

I was born and bred in Charleston, SC but have called Atlanta home going on 13 years.

TR: What do you love most about Atlanta?

I love the diversity. I love that there is always something to do and so many networking opportunities both personally and professionally.

TR: What is your favorite part of town or attraction?

Currently, I'm really into Midtown. The overall vibe is just dope and I always randomly meet new people. As far as attractions go, even though I've lived here 13 years, I don't think I've been to any attractions besides the aquarium and zoo.

TR: What are your thoughts on the fashion scene in Atlanta?

This is actually a hard one for me. I work so much I'm rarely out, and when I am, I'm typically focused on the task at hand, the company that I'm with or what's next on my to-do list. So, I'm not doing much people watching. I'm definitely not out on the scene lol.

TR: What is the most memorable city you’ve visited?

Portland, Oregon. It was very much something out of a movie. There were grown men who looked to be 30-40 outside playing hacky sack in the middle of the day on a Monday. This was 2009, and I believe hacky sack was a thing in the 90's. The whole aura felt like a time warp back to the 90's, the buildings, the fashion, everything.

TR: Tell me a little about your jewelry shop.

My jewelry shop, Julia Marie, is a collection of custom made personalized jewelry. You'll find statement monogram necklaces, name necklaces, engraved bar necklaces as well as rings, earrings and bracelets. All pieces are solid sterling silver, 18kt gold over sterling silver, 18kt rose gold over sterling silver and we have a selection of solid gold pieces as well. The quality of our pieces are great, I've been wearing the same monogram a few times a week for over 2 years and still get compliments on it. You'll definitely get your wear out of our jewelry.

TR: What is the inspiration behind your blog Julia Marie and how long have you been blogging?

I've only launched my blog a month ago but I've worked professionally in the fashion retail industry for 17 years.

I was inspired to launch a blog when I noticed a void in the industry. I see so many ladies wearing different outfits everyday and pretty much giving their reviews of what they're wearing but I haven't seen anyone teaching women how to create a capsule wardrobe, the value of cost per wear or the 5 outfit rule.

TR: Can you explain the 5 outfit rule?

The 5 outfit rule is a rule I created a few years ago after I got rid of 80% of my wardrobe and was rebuilding it. The rule is to determine whether you should purchase something. If you see an item you love and think you have to have, you need to come up with 5 outfits you can create with the potential purchase with items already in your closet. If you can't come up with 5 outfits it's more than likely not true to your personal style and you won't wear it.

TR: What do you enjoy the most about blogging and the creative process?

So far, my favorite thing about blogging is I've fallen back in love with fashion. I was so passionate about style 15 years ago, but the mundane day to day in a 9-5 corporate setting can really dull your shine. I've begun to play with trends again and now that I'm older, wiser and truly know my personal style I'm able to incorporate said trends in a subtle way that's true to me.

I love to teach and help people and I'm excited to continue to build my blog community with people who share my love for fashion and style.

TR: How would you describe your personal style and is there a person who is a fashion inspiration to you?

Casual chic. I mostly wear classic neutrals with pops of color and trends. I'm always comfortable. If I can't be comfortable I don't want anything to do with it.

I'll almost always be wearing big hoop earrings, a top knot and a statement bag. It doesn't matter if I'm in sweats, a t-shirt and jeans, or going out for the night.

I don't have one person that I get inspiration from. I absolutely appreciate others personal style and may take something away from them but I'm not cyber stalking one specific persons closet.

Some ladies I always love to see what they're wearing are Kourtney Kardashian (since Day 1), @krystin_lee (IG) is always a good time, @scoutfashion (IG), Emily Ann Gemma (@emilyanngemma) and Helena Hodne (@brooklynblonde1).

TR: Do you have a favorite clothing item or accessory?

It all depends on the week.

Before each season starts I brainstorm "who I want to be" for the next few months. One season I went with a complete black and white color scheme in classic silhouettes. This Fall/Winter my two go-to uniforms will be white tops with denim bottoms and grey dresses. There will also be a lot of sneaker wearing. So far, my favorite purchase is a quilted handbag but I'm just getting started so that can change tomorrow.

This Summer, I purchased a pair of fringe slides from Old Navy of all places for $11 and they are by far my favorite purchase of the entire year. I wear them all weekend long! If I could purchase 5 more pairs, I would, but sadly they're sold out.

TR: What is a personal truth or rule you hold when it comes to fashion?

I have so many "rules" I swear by. Cost per Wear is a huge one.

CPW = Total cost of the item/ Number of times you wear it.

Ex: $500 handbag worn 600 times/days = .83 cent per wear

       $100 dress worn 1 time (special event) = $100 per wear

Lesson: Buy the handbag, find a $20 dress on someone's clearance rack, better yet borrow one from a friend!

At this point in my life I know exactly what I will get wear out of and what I won't. I know that I will carry the same handbag daily for a year or 2 straight so that is usually the most expensive item in my wardrobe. Jeans and shoes are next in line and in that order. I'll spend more on jeans than shoes because a great pair of denim can make you not only look but feel amazing and jeans that make you feel that amazing aren't typically on sale. Almost every shoe designer/brand makes the same exact styles every season, so they are easier to find on sale and you don't have to sacrifice quality. I scored a pair of Michael Kors booties for $33, regularly $200, from Nordstrom Rack because they were past season. The same style from different brands are currently being sold at Nordstrom for $150-$200.

TR: Favorite book?

Outside of business books and articles I don't read much, however, I straight fan girl for Harry Potter!

TR: Favorite musical artist?

Jermaine Lamarr Cole

TR: Favorite film?

I don't watch a lot of television or movies so I'm never current on what is out. I love action movies. Shooter with Marky Mark is a favorite. Of course, Harry Potter and the crew is where it's at as well.

TR: Favorite quote?

"Quitter, that's one thing I know I ain't." - J.Cole

TR: Do you have any specific goals for the rest of this year?

I'm actually already working towards my goals for next year. Last year at this time I made my goals for this year and I'd say this has been one of, if not the most productive years of my life. It's been exhausting and as always everything didn't go as planned (blogging wasn't even on my radar), but this year has been exciting and fulfilling. Hashtag blessed!


Outfit Details: 

Top: H&M
Jeans: Levi's
Handbag: Kate Spade
Shoes: Franco Sarto
Sunglasses: Prada
Ring: Julia Marie
Watch: Michael Kors

Images provided by Benjamin A. Pete for BE Atlanta. All rights reserved.