Kirk Andre is the senior director of development at the Ron Clark Academy, a highly acclaimed, non-profit middle school in Atlanta. He is also the cofounder of Emerging 100 of Atlanta and UrbanNewsRoom respectively. I recently met with Kirk to discuss his work, fashion, and purpose.

TR: How long have you been working for the Ron Clark Academy and what do you love most about the job?

KA: I've been fundraising for RCA for 3 years now, and what I love the most about the being on the team there is the passion that permeates every single thing that we do. It's really a magical place, not only for students, but even for adults! Disney Land right in southeast Atlanta.

TR: Your Instagram account has a great aesthetic. What would you say is your goal or the inspiration behind your photography?

KA: Thanks man, I appreciate that. The goal is to just post great photography. I love colors, lines, food, and fashion, so I'm always inspired to post what makes me happy.

TR: What is one of the most memoroable cities that you have traveled to?

KA: Bruh, definitely Barcelona! The vibes in that city are just so embracing and chill. I could move there right now.

TR: Who or what influences your style? 

KA: I'm a classic guy when it comes to my fashion, so you typically won't catch me too far one way or the other. But, a lot influences me in different ways. I'll pick up inspiration from athletes, magazines, IG fashion threads, etc. and make it work for me. Comfortability is key.

TR: What is a personal truth or rule you hold when it comes to fashion?

KA: Less is more.

TR: What does "purpose" mean to you, and what would you say is your purpose? 

KA: Purpose is living your best self; your reason for being. My purpose is most definitely to continuously uplift others and inspire them to live their lives with vigor!

Outfit Details:

Blazer: J Crew

Jeans: Levi for J Crew

Tie: Sacks Fifth Avenue

Shoes: ALDO

Hat: Urban Outfitters

Watch: MK


Images provided by Benjamin A. Pete for BE Atlanta. All rights reserved.