Atlanta Fashion Series II


Model: Chantay Davenport, A Pineapple Serenade

Chantay is the creator of the fashion and lifestyle blog, A Pineapple Serenade. She is also the owner of the online shop Orchids & Spice. We worked together last year for my BE_Atlanta Fashion Project and I recently had a chance to learn a little more about her blog, her thoughts on fashion, and her business. 

TR: Tell me a little bit about your online store?
CD: It is called Orchids & Spice and I have just celebrated my first year in business. It is pretty much a huge reflection of me and I mainly operate it on my own. From sourcing a curated selection of pieces to sell, the photography, design and communication to fulfilling orders, using personable packaging and shipping everything out. I enjoy a mix of modern contemporary and bohemian styles, and that is what I have incorporated in the store. I’ve also found that I do not see many African American women or women of color head lining the images on the front page of my favorite online shops, so I wanted to create a platform for that as well. I’ve found myself wanting to share my view of what an online store and online shopping experience could look and be like. That’s when O&S was born.

TR: What is the meaning behind your blog A Pineapple Serenade?
CD: I wanted to create a name that when you said it out loud or read it, it did not scream BLOG. Well, I love music and I am a hopeless romantic. I also like to see myself as a little witty. Pineapple came from how much I love fruit and how it can sound so playful when you say it 3x’s fast…this is legit my thinking process…and somehow, A Pineapple Serenade came from that.  It is a sweet collection of my love for fashion and my daily happenings. I write my posts as If I am talking to you and you are right in front of me.  Not really in your old school narrative way.

TR: What would you say is the target audience for Orchids & Spice?
CD: I aim to reach a diverse mix of women that love good quality, bohemian and modern contemporary fashions and accessories for a great price, and who enjoy receiving the cutest packages in the mail. I work hard to make the shopping experience the best experience from adding pieces to your cart, to the delivery of your new outfit!

TR: Personal truth about fashion?
CD: When it comes to fashion + style, a part of me feels good about where fashion is today.  I see more and more people stepping out and having their own individual sense of style and rocking whatever it is that they are comfortable in. But I think there will always be those who may dress how the ‘in crowd’ is dressed or wearing something they feel is cool only because everyone else is doing it. Maybe in a way both of these ideas create a certain balance, and I can dig that too.

TD: Who or what influences your style?
CD: For me personally, my style is more so based on how I feel that day. And it can really be as simple as that. I do get inspired by style influencers like Solange or Janelle Monae, mainly because they set themselves apart by seeking what they may feel as their own idea of what style is, and how they want to represent or carry themselves. I love it! Then I do the norm and check out pinterest, my favorite bloggers, or even just talking with my fashion conscious friends to get inspiration. So at the end of the day, I could wear what’s trending, I could wear something more tailored to my mood that day, or just be completely out of the box.

TR: What are some of your short term and long term goals for A Pineapple Serenade and/or Orchids and Spice?
CD: I would love for A Pineapple Serenade to be a great resource for just keeping up with me. I look forward to becoming a busy lazy with traveling, outfit posts, and more. The blog is my outlet to share my experiences with the world and keeping track of what's going on with me. I mainly utilize it for my self than anything else, and if people gravitate towards it, that's just icing on the cake.

I want Orchids & Spice to grow into a 1 stop online shopping resource where you can find everything from your outfit to your accessories, home decor, and even second hand finds.


Images provided by Benjamin A. Pete for BE Atlanta . All rights reserved.