Atlanta Fashion Series

A series of photos and interviews that bring attention to individuals who are making an impact on the fashion and creative scene in Atlanta.


Atlanta Fashion SEries X

Lindsey is a native Atlantan, who is the voice behind the blog The Belted Pear. On her blog, she shares her love for vintage fashion, thrifting, and traveling. Her Instagram (@lindseydish) is full of vibrant colors and wanderlust adventures. I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Lindsey to discuss Atlanta, fashion and thrifting, travel, and some of her personal interests. 


Atlanta Fashion SEries IX

Nicholle is the creative mind behind the up-and-coming fashion blog Nicholle's Fashion Stroll. On her blog, she shares her personal style through daily outfits, beauty tips, and more. 


Atlanta Fashion SEries VIII

Earlier this year, Julia launched her new self-titled fashion blog, Julia Marie. With almost 20 years in the fashion and retail industry, she has a wealth of knowledge that she shares on her blog and social media. One of the goals of her blog is to take that knowledge, and help you to build the perfect wardrobe.


Atlanta Fashion SEries VII

Keshia is the founder of the fashion and lifestyle blog, The Queen Life. On her blog, she encourages and inspires women everywhere to be confident and self-assured in all aspects of life. I met with her recently to discuss Atlanta, fashion, blogging, and more. 


Atlanta Fashion SEries VI

Marah Rice is a model, stylist, and the creative director behind MarahCAR. On her blog, she features affordable styles and seeks to inspire her readers in all aspects of life. I recently met with Marah to discuss fashion, purpose, and more.


Atlanta Fashion SEries V

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Atlanta style blogger Harrison Sapp. She started her blog, Gilty As Charged, two years ago and has already made her presence felt as a model and fashion insider. In 2013, she was named one of JEZEBEL Magazine's 20 Most Eligible Atlantans. Check out the interview below to learn a little more about Harrison and GILTY.


Atlanta Fashion SEries IV

Kirk Andre is the senior director of development at the Ron Clark Academy, a highly acclaimed, non-profit middle school in Atlanta. He is also the cofounder of Emerging 100 of Atlanta and UrbanNewsRoom respectively. I recently met with Kirk to discuss his work, fashion, and purpose.


Atlanta Fashion SEries III

Tierney Didier is the creative mind and voice behind the fashion and lifestyle blog, Fashion To A T. She has put together both some amazing looks on both her blog and Instagram. I met with Tierney recently to discuss blogging, fashion, and the fashion scene in Atlanta.


Atlanta Fashion Series II

Chantay is the creator of the fashion and lifestyle blog, A Pineapple Serenade. She is also the owner of the online shop Orchids & Spice. We worked together last year for my BE_Atlanta Fashion Project and I recently had a chance to learn a little more about her blog, her thoughts on fashion, and her business. 


Atlanta Fashon Series I

For the first installment of my Fashion Series, I had the pleasure of collaborating with Jenna Wessinger, a fashion, food, beauty, and lifestyle blogger. Her blog, Just A Touch Too Much, provides a daily dose of southern sophistication and charm.